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Questions About Stand By Generators

What is a home standby generator power system?

The Cummins emergency power system is a state-of-the-art electric power generator system designed for residential standby application. During a power failure, the generator set starts and, within seconds, begins producing electricity for your home. Everything happens automatically, from the generator starting to powering those electric circuits connected to the generator.

How does a standby generator system work?

1) The Cummins Transfer Switch monitors incoming voltage from the utility line.

2) When utility power is interrupted, the Transfer Switch senses the problem and signals the generator to begin supplying electricity.

3) The Transfer Switch automatically disconnects the electrical circuits in your home from the utility power line and connects them to your Cummins generator set which continues to supply electricity.

4) When utility power is restored, the electrical circuits in your home are automatically disconnected from your Cummins generator set and reconnected to your utility power line.

5) The generator set should be exercised periodically for system readiness. We prefer weekly. The time of day can be set for the system to operate, and it will automatically start and run for a preset period of time. During this exercise period, the power available from the generator set WILL NOT be connected to the home, and utility power will not be interrupted.

Do I need to have permits and inspections for installation of a generator?

An unequivocal YES. There are national and local safety, fire, fuel, and electrical codes and regulations that need be followed. No reputable electric or gas contractor would install without permits and inspections. A contractor that would try to save money by not pulling permits and standing inspections is a jack-leg contractor with whom you should not deal. Run, don’t walk away from such a contractor.

If something goes wrong and it has not been inspected, insurance companies may not cover the damage. We have seen the sale of a house held up for lack of inspection.

GenTech Generators pulls permits and stands inspections on every job.

Are noise levels a concern?

One of the primary reasons we only use Cummins Generators is that Cummins is the quietest generator on the market.   As shown on the chart below, the popular Cummins RS-20kw at 62dba measures several times less noise than the Kohler, Generac, or Briggs generators.   The larger liquid cooled Cummins 30kw and 45kw are also the quietest at 60 and 63dba.

Sound is a number one concern with local governments and Citizens Associations. Montgomery County Maryland has a prescribed noise limit of 65dba (daytime) and 55dba (night time) as measured at the receiving location which to a layman is your neighbor.

GenTech Generators makes you a good neighbor by using only the neighborhood friendly Cummins Generators, by adhering to zoning and setback codes, and by recommending placement so that the noise will be diminished by distance. We will also provide sound attenuating enclosures and fencing and shielding.

As described in the section entitled “ON SITE DEMONSTRATION” we bring an operating unit to your home and measure the noise that might affect you or your neighbor.

GenTech Generators

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