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Regular Preventive Maintenance

Regular Preventive Maintenance Service is extremely important to the reliable operation of the generator and is provided by GenTech Generators.

GenTech Generators provides one FREE preventative maintenance visit with the purchase of a generator. A written report will be provided to the customer following the maintenance service.

Periodic PM Services Visits Include:

  1. Spark plugs, ignition contact points, and condensers to be cleaned and adjusted or replaced when necessary (gaseous fueled only)
  2. Timing to be checked and set when necessary
  3. Change oil and oil filters once per year.
  4. Fuel tanks and lines to be inspected for the purpose of determining if excessive sludge or rust is collecting. All fuel filters and sediment bowls to be cleaned or replaced as required. Access for inspection to be provided by the customer.
  5. Check entire equipment for fuel, oil, or coolant leaks.
  6. Check condition of batteries and battery charger and report any action necessary for recharging or replacement.
  7. Clean air filter or replace as necessary.
  8. Check coolant level and antifreeze protection level.
  9. Check all hoses and belts for wear.
  10. Check automatic transfer switch for proper operation. Operate under emergency load if conditions permit.
  11. Check all instruments for proper operation.
  12. Operate generator set system and conduct test (under building load when practical).

For maintenance and service call:

GenTech Generators
301-538-8660 (Office Hours)

* GenTech Generators can also arrange maintenance through Cummins Power Systems. Cummins provides 24-hour emergency service as well as warranty and repair service.

GenTech Generators

GenTech Generators