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Sizing Guide


A threshold question is “How big a generator do I need?” The best way to determine the answer is to call GenTech Generators for a free analysis. We will bring our expert team to your site and analyze your options and provide you with a detailed quote. We do this at no cost to you.

The total price of an installed generator set depends on the size of generator which is a function of what circuits you want backed up during a power outage, the distance and ease of connection to your fuel source, the distance and ease of connection to your electric service, the amount of trenching required, and whether you are looking for a natural gas, propane, or diesel fueled generator.


Whole House Coverage

This involves a generator large enough to back up the electric circuits in all of the breaker panels in your house.

Select Circuits

This involves a generator sized to backup only those circuits you feel you need during a power outage. These are generally placed in one breaker panel with a 100 or 200 amp automatic transfer switch. Circuits generally selected by customers to be backed up are heat; sump, well, and septic pumps; refrigerators and freezers; stove top and microwave; hot water heater, medical equipment; select lights and outlets in kitchen, master bed and bath, home office, family room, mechanical room, security system, and safety lights in hallways, garage lights and doors. With automatic load management, additional circuits such as air conditioning and washer/dryers can be added.

Remember that we provide only the highest quality and quietest equipment and the acknowledged most expert and reliable installation team.

GenTech Generators

GenTech Generators