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What Our Customers Say


“A” rated – Angie’s List

“A” rated – Better Business Bureau

Cummins Power Generation Top Dealer Award – 2012 – 2013

Reviews on Angie’s List:

07/12/2017 – Overall A                                                         

“Work was done properly and promptly.”  (Periodic maintenance of back-up electric generator.)

04/20/2017 –   Overall A                                           

“Excellent. Arrived on time, gave me a full written report. Changed our parts as necessary. I totally trust this company and their employees.”  (Semi annual maintenance on whole-house generator.)

04/06/2017 –   Overall A                                           

“It went well. They were prompt and knowledgeable. They’ve taken care of us for some years and we haven’t had a problem with our generator.”  (Annual check on generator.)

04/05/2017 – Overall A                                             

“The work was done quickly and professionally. Several sub-contractors were involved, and their work was scheduled and managed perfectly. A few months after installation we had a small problem with noise; GenTech solved it for us right away. The twice-a-year maintenance contract has been a comfort as well.”  (GenTech installed a whole-house generator for us and has maintained it ever since.)

04-04-2017 –   Overall A                                           

“GenTech Generators–which we understand is a family-owned company–was meticulous and punctual in handling the siting, considerable electrical and gas line requirements for the initial Cummins Onan generator installation. Over the ensuing 3 yrs, their semi-annual follow up maintenance service has proceeded without a hitch including the weekly generator self-performance test. The good news is that we’ve had only one several hour neighborhood power outage since the generator’s installation, but the better news is that we can attend to our daily lives knowing that we have a gold standard backup electricity plan.”

02-18-2016 –  Overall A                                            

“Twice a year generator servicing. Knowledgeable about our Cummins generator. Got it back up and running in no time. Previous vendor could not figure out the problem–generator is only two years old. Highly recommend.”

6-10-2014 | Overall “A”
“…was extremely responsive and did a very good job. I would highly recommend to others.” “I have recommended GenTech to friends. They have a quality team. The work was done on schedule and neatly. The follow-up after the installation was very good.”

12-12-2013 | Overall A                                          

“Painless.  They gave notice that a maintenance visit was due.  We did not need to be home, as the generator is located outdoors.  They identified an issue and called me to explain what service was recommended. They then proceeded with the work.  We generally communicate through email, which works best for us.

“I have recommended GenTech to friends.  They have a quality team with whom they performed the installation work.  My sense is that GenTech works with high-end houses and delivers work with the level of care appropriate for his customers and that the customers expect.

Our unit was installed in May 2010.  They explained options well and were careful in making certain that instructions (meaning what work we wanted performed) were clear.  The work was done on schedule and neatly.  The follow-up after the installation was also very good.  They were attentive to make certain that basic operation and maintenance needs of the unit were understood.

“During particularly storm periods, they have called to make certain that we were not having any issues with the generator.  As it is computer monitored, we have supplied requested information about usage levels.”

8-23-13 | Overall “A”
“The real measure of a contractor is how he behaves when something unexpected happens….I don’t even know how much that cost was, because GenTech absorbed it without even mentioning that fact to me. That’s how you want a reputable contractor to behave.” “…I’d recommend them without hesitation to friends and neighbors”

7-15-13 | Overall “A”
“Hire again – Yes”

12-12-13 | Overall “A”
“I have recommended GenTech to friends. They have a quality team – Hire again-yes”

7-15-13 | Overall “A”
“Finished product is excellent, Hire again – yes. Recommend to neighbors.”

7-22-13 | Overall “A”
“Installed whole house generator including all electrical hookups. Came out and did a full inspection of what was needed, made recommendation on entire job. Great work and thorough. So far, very satisfied with all the work and equipment. Hire again – yes.”

6-23-13 | Overall “A”
“Contracted to install whole house generator. We had an excellent experience. My husband has extremely high standards, and Mr. GenTech and his company met these expectations. –When Mr. GenTech came for his initial consultation, he brought a generator on the back of his truck that he turned on to demonstrate the noise level to us….GenTech Generators handled this project end to end… GenTech Generators uses Cummins generators which are top of the line. They are not inexpensive, but they are the gold standard, We are very pleased with the results and our experiences.”

1-28-13 | Overall “D”
Company response – “We regard this review as a positive rather than a negative since we usually receive good reviews for our insistence on obtaining permits and inspections and our adherence to zoning and noise codes and laws. This client obviously got angry because we would not sell her a generator without checking the sound level at the neighboring properties. We are sorry for her anger, but we will not violate the laws.”

1-2-13 | Overall “A”
“It has saved my life. I have lost power 4 times and the generator saves me every time. They are not the cheapest company, but their service is well worth it.”

8-6-12 | Overall “A”
“The services of GenTech is absolutely excellent. Bob meets with you prior to the installation and handles all the interactions with both the gas and electrical companies. If the gas line is not sufficient, he will down grade the generator work with the gas company to install the proper lines. He shows you all the material costs and price mark ups up front. He wants to ensure it is exactly what you want. He sells a very quiet generator. Mine is a Cummins Onan generator. He also takes care of all the service. He will call to remind you and arrange it. Every time we have had a power failure, Bob has followed up to see if the generator is working properly which mine always has. I have had the generator for about five years now, and we have used it extensively. I have experienced no problems or had any complaints from my neighbors. In fact, my neighbor was surprised we even had a generator because it is so quiet.”


2-21-17  “We want to thank you for the excellent job you did installing a Cummins generator for our house and farm.  We appreciated your advice on all the considerations that were necessary for the sizing and placement of the generator.  Your preparation crew and the Cummins engineering staff seemed to know their business and didn’t skimp on anything.  Your collaboration with Holt Electric for the permitting and electrical work was seamless.  Having worked to help train county inspectors, Holt was obviously very experienced and knew what was necessary for both county permits and the safe and reliable electrical hook-up of the generator.

“All and all, your work was top of the line.  It was always so disruptive to our lives in so many ways when the power went out.  We have a 96 year old living with us and it give us great peace of mind to know that if the power goes off, we can continue to keep him warm and safe.   Thank you again for your good work.
Tory Cowles and Nick Maravell, Potomac, Maryland

1-26-17  “I thought you folks might like to know…the storm brought down some trees in the Village.  We had a multi-hour power outage yesterday, and we’re having another one as I write this.  The generator worked like a champ.
Gary Crockett, Chevy Chase, Maryland

7-4-16  “We thank you for making this 4th of July a happy weekend.  Your tech arrived on time as promised.  He was very pleasant in explaining his process and whatever he did solved the problem and produced excellent results.

“Considering the holiday weekend challenges in getting competent generator support, we recognize your service as above and beyond the call of duty.”
Vince & Karen Kelty, McLean, Virginia

8-31-15  “Last year, the Biomedical Research Institute engaged GenTech Generators and Holt Electrical for a major upgrade to our emergency generator systems at our Wilkins Avenue repository in Rockville.  The project was quite complicated.

“In addition to installing a new Cummins generator, two existing generators had to be relocated, new automatic switch gear put in place, and the entire electrical system upgraded to meet code. There was heavy site work along with the bump up of the electrical service.

“Both the GenTech and Holt crews were professional in every way and their work superb.  They were highly adept in maneuvering through the permitting process and dealing with Pepco.

“A few weeks ago, there was a momentary lapse in service from Pepco and the generators and switch gear performed perfectly. “I would recommend GenTech and Holt and plan on using them again as the need arises.”
James E. Russo, Director of Repository Operations, Biomedical Institute

3-13-2012 “The main reason I opted for GenTech (for a 100 kw generator) was his transparency in the financial and technical bid….GenTech’s proposal had all the ingredients of a flawless turnkey project. …all relevant parties knew their commitments and responsibilities. All work was performed under proper permits and inspection. …I personally complement Mr. GenTech as a person with high work standards, standing behind his work even after the original installation.”
Benito Zapata, Potomac Md.

3-13-2012 “GenTech Generators was the contractor selected by my firm for the installation of a 100Kw generator for a custom home project in Great Falls Va. From the first initial contact to the final startup of the generator, GenTech Generators has exemplified professional behavior. I strongly recommend GenTech Generator for generator installation and would not hesitate to use them on future projects.”
David Nelson, Project Manager Bowers Design Build.

8-3-09 We have had our generator five years now and it is definitely the best purchase we have made for our home….I would highly recommend GenTech Generator to anyone who is interested in obtaining a unit for their home or business. Please feel free to use me as a reference.”
Craig & Robin Lenkin.

10-5-07 “I would like to personally recommend Robert GenTech and his company, GenTech Generators to you….I have found Mr. GenTech to be a very reliable and resourceful contractor who follows up on every detail. … I couldn’t be more pleased with the whole installations from start to finish, and have no qualm about recommending Mr. GenTech.”
Sidney O. Dewberry.

10-8-07 “Just a quick note to say thank you for how you took the time to tour our facilities, find and define our needs and design a generator system that meets all of our requirements…If you need someone to recommend your company…please do not hesitate to call me.”
Donald J Morrissette, Interstate Worldwide Relocation.

10-26-07 “The use of the generator is to provide standby electricity to our UPS which runs our backup computer and telephone systems. … I found everyone at GenTech to be professional and more importantly, attentive to detail. If we ever build another backup office, I would not hesitate to hire GenTech for the job.”
Linda Siemers, Securities Investor Protection Corporation.

10-6-06 ‘I am extremely grateful for having waived our costs of replacement and markup. Throughout the process of providing me with a generator you were immensely knowledgeable, professional and courteous. I greatly appreciated the caliber of your subcontractors….In sum, I am grateful for the entire experience of dealing with you, an experience characterized by your integrity. Experience like this are very extraordinary and very inspiring.”
Michael Miller.

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