Your ad says “OVER 150 PRESTIGIOUS INSTALLATIONS” – explain?

Our main clientele are residences and businesses in McLean, Great Falls, Potomac, and Bethesda. High quality neighborhoods demand high quality work – low noise. Go to our website and read what clients say about us.

You only install Cummins/ONAN generators – Why?

Cummins/ONAN is the highest quality and most reliable set available — the most neighborhood friendly –quiet – low noise level. They provide a 5-year Warranty. Their Northeast Distribution Center where they have dozens of factory trained technicians is only about an hour away in Glen Burnie. You can always get parts and service.

But aren’t Cummins/ONAN more expensive than other brands?

There are cheaper generators because they use cheaper designs, metals and components.
We can’t put our name behind the cheaper stuff – We have seen too many fail and we have been asked to replace them with ONAN. It’s like buying insurance, and when you go to collect, the Insurance company is bankrupt.

What about Battery Systems?

Why pay tens of thousands for something with limited coverage that only lasts a few hours when for the same price, you can power your whole house for the duration of the power outage. They only make sense if there is no room for a generator. Besides, a whole bunch of batteries inside your house can be an environmental nightmare.

You have said that to be on your team, the electricians and gas fitters must have been in business at least 75 years with an impeccable reputation…

Yes, Holt Electrical Contractors has been in business for four generations – John G Webster Co. Plumbing and HVAC since 1912.

With such high quality equipment and high powered installers, how do you compete?

When you factor in quality of equipment, safety features, parts and service support, engineering warranty, noise level, expert installation, and our low overhead and markups, we are the best buy. Our reputation for excellence and integrity wins us business.

Your career was managing and directing large communications satellite companies, President of COMSAT General, Chairman and CEO of IRIDIUM, Director of Strategic Planning of INTELSAT – How did you come to start a backup generator company?

Well, first of all retirement is boring; Secondly, I was sitting in the dark with bandages from a stroke and carotid surgery; and when the power came back on, I called local generator companies to put in a generator. They were so bad they were like aluminum siding salesman.
I saw a niche market ripe for an entrepreneur- affluent people, big houses, five or six HVAC zones, elevators, lots of trees, overhead power lines, frequent outages, deregulation of power companies, overtaxed power grid, etc.

I decided this market demanded a high quality, reliable and trustworthy generator company. I had been involved in building satellite stations on every continent including Antarctica. I knew how to form a team to be the best. So I did.

(Capitol Lifestyle Magazine – Sept 2008)

We install residential, commercial, and industrial backup generators around DC, Maryland, & Virginia.

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