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Remote Work and Backup Generators

As the world continues to fight the COVID-19 Pandemic and people work from home, we wonder constantly if this will be the new normal. We don’t even have to take a look at the current pandemic situation to realize that working from home is becoming more and more common. We can point to the digital revolution as proof. Many companies around the world are slowly implementing working remotely. 

Remote work with backup generator at home

How Does this Relate to Backup Generators? 

As more workers start working from home, backup generators become a much bigger necessity in one’s home. When we rely so much on the internet and WIFI connection, homes and businesses will need backup generators if there is a power outage. 

Natural Disasters and Seasonal Storms

Natural disasters and seasonal storms happen frequently, which means your power could shut off in your home due to one of these events. If it’s during the day, and you’re working remotely, you won’t have access to power. This could cause major problems depending on the industry your in. Having a backup generator ready to kick on in the worst situation is always a relief. 

The Benefits of Having a Backup Generator for a Power Outage: 

  • You won’t lose connection to your work
  • You can work longer hours if need be 
  • Spend less money on travel because you can work from home
  • Keep refrigerator and other amenities running 

GenTech Generators 

At GenTech Generatorswe know the importance of having a home backup generator. Our backup generators can give you the relief you need in a situation where your power goes out. Don’t worry about losing connection to the internet, having food go bad, having your lights go out, floods in the basement, and not being able to do laundry. 

Now is the time to invest in a backup generator! Contact GenTech Generators at 301-364-4226 today. 

Backup Generator During COVID-19

It’s a tough time around the globe right now with the COVID-19 pandemic. People all around the world are staying home in isolation. Families, elderly, and individuals are sharing the responsibility of social distancing to help stop the spread of the virus. For many people, backup generators will play a major role in staying home during this difficult time. 

Anything can happen with your power, and during this pandemic, GenTech Generators wants you to know why it’s beneficial to have a backup generator for your home. 

Family During Isolation

Sudden Power Outages

While peoples’ lives and the economy are on hold right now, nature is still living strong. Natural disasters, severe storms, and other electrical difficulties do not stop for anything. A backup generator will save you and your family from a mess you don’t want to be in. 

It’s important to make sure that the elderly living in their home are equipped with a backup generator. With your grandparents or parents staying in for their health and safety, they shouldn’t have to deal with power outages due to storms and blackouts. 

If you have a family, working from home and taking care of the kids while they’re working on schoolwork can be a daunting task. When the power goes out during the virus, you won’t have to deal with the power being out because you’ll have a Cummins Generator from GenTech Generators to back you up!

The Benefits: 

  • No Spoiled Food
  • Warmth in the Home during Cold Seasons
  • Full Power during an outage, storm, or blackout
  • No stress dealing with a power outage
  • High quality backup generator
  • Low-cost installation
  • Less noise than the competition

During the COVID-19 crisis, it’s important to have power when the power goes out. When businesses like hotels and air bnb’s are closed indefinitely during this time, you’ll have to deal with the power being out. But with a backup generator, you won’t have to worry! 

GenTech Generators 

Here at GenTech Generators, our number one priority is your health and safety. With us, you’ll be happily surprised and rewarded when you acquire a backup generator. Your food will not go bad, you won’t have to sit in the dark, and your home will be warm during the colder seasons. This will benefit everyone in the family. We want everyone to understand that this is a very tough time in the world, and it’s very important for you to practice social distancing to stop the spread of the virus. 

If you’re looking to have a safety net for your family and home, contact GenTech Generators at 301-364-4226 today, and we can install a generator for you. Stay healthy and safe! 

Advantages of Permanent Generators vs. Portable Generators

Losing power as a result of a hurricane, snowstorm or another weather-related event or service downtime can be incredibly frustrating. If the power doesn’t return to your home for several hours – or, in a worst-case scenario, several days – you could be forced to throw out food that has gone bad, layer up your clothing to prevent the cold from affecting you, or even suffer from burst pipes or other issues as your home cools to the point where it affects your plumbing.

More and more homeowners have turned to generators in recent years to keep the power coming to their homes during outages.

Portable generator disadvantages

Portable Generators for Short Periods

If you are considering investing in a generator, you will typically be considering two main options: A portable generator or a permanent generator. Portable generators are typically cheaper than permanent generators and, during short power outages, they will do the trick once you pull them out of storage and get them going. But in general, installing a permanent generator is a much better idea and will absolutely prove to be a better long-term investment.

Backup Generators: Better Investment

Permanent backup generators are safer and quieter than portable options and designed to start automatically at the first sign of power loss which means there’s no need to fuss with unburying your generator and hoping you remembered to gas it up and maintain it between uses. These generators are also nearly impossible to steal since they are large fixtures and hardwired to your home, which adds security and peace of mind.

These generators are also able to provide enough power to keep your entire home or selected circuits powered for days on end. In fact, if you have a permanent generator hooked up to a natural gas line, it can usually provide power for the full length of any outage, which means you will be able to go about your business as normal even when your neighbors are still waiting for the lights to come back on. With a backup generator installation, regular maintenance and routine inspection, you’ll never have to worry about power becoming a problem for you or your family.

GenTech Generators

Best of all, permanent generators will usually increase the value of your home and provide another great selling point if you list your home on the market in the future. So, what are you waiting for? If you have been thinking about having a generator installed, GenTech Generator Systems can give you a quote and walk you through all of the benefits of having a system installed. Contact us at 301-469-7800 today for more information.

Signs Your Backup Generator Isn’t Working

It’s important to make sure your backup generator is working properly in case of an emergency. You never want to get hit with a power outage and not have your backup generator to save you. Here’s why you should check your backup generator see if it’s working properly and what signs to look out for if it’s not.

power outage from broken generator

Check the Entire Backup Generator

Regular maintenance on your backup generator is extremely important to make sure everything is working properly in preparation for a storm.

  • Check the Battery – Battery failure can happen from loose connections. If you have changes in charge rates and amperage increases, this could be a sign that your battery is working improperly.
  • Oil and Fuel – If you notice oil, fuel, and coolant leaks, get those fixed. You’ll be in a bad situation if you need your backup generator during a power outage and it’s having leaks within the machine.
  • Hoses and Belts – Wear and tear on hoses and belts can cause major problems with your backup generator. Check these areas to make sure there are no major tears.
  • Automatic Transfer Switch on Cummins Generators – This is an important aspect of the Cummins Generator. When you have a power outage, your backup generator will kick on from the automatic transfer switch. If this is not working, then you will not have backup power when a storm hits.
  • Fuel Tanks and Lines – Fuel tanks and lines are susceptible to sludge and rust buildup. It’s vital to check these in case there are possible buildups. Make sure your cleaning or replacing lines and tanks before a potential power outage. The working condition of the backup generator will have major problems if you don’t.

GenTech Generators

At GenTech Generators, we provide Cummins Generators for homeowners for backup power. We know it can be difficult during a storm when you lose power. We are here to supply backup power, so that you won’t have to deal with losing power. Contact GenTech Generators at 301-364-4226 today!

Power Outage in the Adirondacks Affects Thousands

A snow and ice storm hit the Adirondacks on Friday, February 7. Thousands of people suffered power outages around Lake George, which left nearly 7,000 without power even on Sunday. Many homeowners know that the winters and storms in the Adirondacks are difficult to live through, and many have backup generators, but do all have them?

Adirondack snow storm

Backup Generators for Winter Climates

Especially if you live in a place like the Adirondacks, backup generators are needed in case a massive winter storm hits. Homeowners are encouraged to be prepared in these circumstances. During a major storm, no one can determine how long homeowners will be without power. In the Adirondacks, traffic jams, downed trees, frozen pipes, and other damages occurred from the winter storm.

So, why do homeowners need backup generators?

Well, it’s common sense to have a backup generator. No matter where you live in the country, a backup generator can be a safety net in case of an emergency. Certain parts of the country need backup generators more than other parts, but it is necessary if you want to feel safe during a situation where there’s a storm.

Saratoga Springs Gets Hit

Saratoga Springs is a place that also got hit with this storm. Approximately 88,000 were without electrical service. This makes the biggest case for people to go out and invest in a backup generator. There aren’t many reasons why you shouldn’t because if you do get hit with a storm, you’ll have backup to protect you with the loss of electricity.

GenTech Generators

If you’re living in an area where you’re susceptible to major storms, we encourage you to invest in a backup generator from GenTech Generators. We provide Cummins Generators for backup power. Contact GenTech Generators at 301-365-4226 today!

Why Are People Buying Backup Generators?

All over the country, more and more people are purchasing backup generators for their homes to prepare for possibly severe storms depending on the season. We see in California that the wildfire intensity is on the rise each wildfire season, and more people are experiencing power outages or worse losing their homes.

Other places down south and near the east coast, people are making sure that they will have power during possible tropical storms and sever hurricanes during hurricane season.

Hurricane Natural Disaster

California Wildfires

Backup generators are in high demand in California due to the increase in intense wildfires. Blackouts are occurring in the state for safety reasons, and people are looking to purchase backup generators in case the blackout lasts too long. The reason for cutting off power to a large portion of the state is to keep power lines from contributing to the spread of wildfires in the state.

Storm Shelters Upgrading in the South

Lee County in Florida is taking initiative in upgrading their storm shelters in preparation for hurricane season. They’re putting in backup generators at the storm shelters including schools and arenas. When hurricane season hits, many people leave their homes to hunker down in these shelters to stay safe during the storm. They rely on these places for shelter and food, which is why the government is installing backup generators in these places because of the result of a horrible Hurricane Irma in 2017.

Do I need a Backup Generator?

This is a very good question to ask yourself. If you’re living in an area where power outages are frequent due to tropical storms, wildfires, or other natural disasters, it’s a smart decision to purchase a backup generator. Even if you don’t live in an area where these events take place, you never know when a power outage may occur leaving you without electricity for an extended amount of time.

Purchasing a backup generator from GenTech Generators is the safe way to go. we supply Cummins Power Generators to homeowners. Contact us at 301-364-4226 today!

Preparing Your Backup Generator for the Storm

Let’s say a storm is about to hit your region, and you have a backup generator, but you haven’t used it in quite some time. It’s extremely important that you check up on the generator before the storm hits, so you know that it will work properly if you lose electricity in your home.

Here is a checklist of things you should do before the storm hits:

Backup generator maintenance

Make Sure the Backup Generator Starts Up and Runs

If you haven’t taken the backup generator out in a while, it may not startup right away or run properly. This is a common occurrence, and it is usually an easy problem to solve. If it doesn’t start up and run properly, then you may want to start checking on all the working parts of the generator. These include:

  1. Check spark plugs and condensers for adjustments, cleanings, or replacements if needed
  2. Change the oil and oil filters if you have not in the last year
  3. Clean out filters and other areas that have rust or sludge
  4. Check for oil, fuel, and coolant leaks
  5. Check coolant level and antifreeze level
  6. Make sure every part of the generator is cleaned, updated, and in working condition

If you know a big storm might be on its way, it’s beneficial to you and your family to make sure your backup generator is ready to weather the storm and provide power to your home if needed.

GenTech Generators

If you don’t already have a backup generator from GenTech Generators, we recommend you get one to have just in case of an emergency, storm, or other power outage that may occur for several reasons. We provide Cummins Power Generators to our customers who need a standby generator to keep their utilities running.

If you have questions on maintenance, installation, or storm preparation, contact GenTech Generators at 301-364-4226 today!

Places that Need Backup Generators the Most

It’s very important that homeowners and businesses have backup generators because you never know when a power outage or storm can occur. Some places need backup generators more than others, and here is why.

If a storm or power outage occurs, hospitals, nursing homes, and other emergency services need to have power in order to function. A backup generator can help people in need when the power is out.

Hospital Staff Walking down the hall

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are places that need backup generators. The elderly living in these homes already need attention and care, and if there is a power outage, it will be beneficial to have backup power in order to have food and heat in the homes.


Hospitals need backup generators because of the amount of care people need when in the hospital. Many patients are hooked up to machines to help with their recovery, life support, etc. Backup generators will save lives when a power outage happens.

Residential Homes with Elderly and Young Families

There have been many storms around the country, whether they were hurricanes, snowstorms, floods, or windstorms. Elderly living in their own homes can have problems when the power goes out. If they need extra attention and the power goes out, you’ll have to bring them to a place where there is power. A backup generator will fix the situation, so that they can stay warm, have food to eat, and not have to worry about flooding.

Young families should have backup generators as well. Babies and young children may get scared or even restless if the power goes out. When you have a newborn, they also need special care and the right food. Taking care of the house and the kids can be a daunting task at once.

At GenTech Generators, we supply the best cummins power generators for your convenience. If you’re in need of a backup generator to prepare for unwanted circumstances, we’re here for you! Contact us at 301-364-4226 today to learn more about our backup generator installation and maintenance.

How Does a Cummins Generator Work?

Many homeowners are wondering how a Cummins Generator actually works in an emergency situation. There are many of great benefits to having a generator for your home when a storm hits and a power outage occurs, but actually goes into the mechanics on how it turns on and fuels energy for your home is a mystery to some people.

Here is how a Cummins Generator from GenTech Generators works:

This is What Happens When There is a Power Outage

A standby generator offered from GenTech Generators will keep your house running with power when there is a power outage. This is how it works:

When there is a power outage in your home, whether that’s from a storm or other malfunction, the automatic transfer switch connects the generator to your home’s electrical system and powers your home.

  1. Transfer Switch monitors voltage from utility line
  2. Transfer Switch signals generator to supply electricity when a power disruption occurs
  3. The electrical circuits in your home are connected to Cummins Generator set
  4. When power is restored, circuits switch back to the home’s utility power line

The Advantages of Cummins Generators

The Cummins generator set produces some of the highest quality of clean power to your home when there is a power outage with the home’s utility line. When purchasing a generator from GenTech Generators, you’re getting the highest quality installation services. Our generators are lower in noise than the competitors, easier to repair, and lower cost for installation.

GenTech Generators

At GenTech Generators, we take pride in our service and installation of backup generators for homeowners that may be worried about losing power due to a storm or power outage. We can help you get the backup energy you need in case of an emergency. Contact us at 301-365-4226 today!

GenTech Generators

GenTech Generators