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Cell phone tower standing

Cell Phone Towers Need Backup Generators Too

In New York State, Senator Pete Harckham is introducing legislation for the requirement of backup generators for cell phone towers throughout the state of New York. As we see natural disasters and other weather-related issues causing power outages across the country, cell phone towers are the last resort of communication during a crisis. 

For rescue teams and first responders, locating missing persons and other people for help during disasters is of upmost importance. 

Cell phone tower standing

The Benefits of Backup Generators at Cell Phone Towers

Cell phone towers not only allow for wireless communications and signal reception to phones, TV’s, computers, and radios, but they also are used by emergency and first responders. In the case of a power outage, they usually have a battery backup that can last eight hours, which is not much time. 

With natural disasters and blackouts happening more frequently, it’s time these cell towers boost their reliability with backup generators. This is what the state is planning to do in case of an emergency. With more people working from home, learning, and teaching from home, backup power for cell towers can be extremely important. 

The World Is Changing When It Comes to Energy

How we use our energy is changing for the better. With the pandemic hitting the country and all over the world, communications seem so important. Without wireless communication when a power outage occurs, how will be in touch with first responders and other important emergency services? A backup generator is something to think about, even for homeowners across the country. 

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