Nursing homes need backup generators

Florida Nursing Homes and the Backup Generator Requirement

Florida mandated all long-term care providers to have backup generators in their facilities or else they will be faced with losing their license. As of 2019, there are still less than half of the nursing homes that have not obtained state and local approvals for the mandate. The mandate requires nursing homes and assisted living facilities to keep residents cool for 96 hours during a state of emergency.

Nursing homes need backup generators

Hurricane Seasons

Florida is a state where hurricanes affect it every single year. If nursing homes and assisted living homes don’t have the approval for this mandate, the residents and patients will suffer from it. Not only can these places lose their licenses, but elderly can suffer from death and medical issues.

There was an incident back in 2017 at Broward Country nursing home after Hurricane Irma where residents died. This is where the initiative started for this state mandate requirement. The hurricane did damage to the air-conditioned system, which left residents in uncomfortable heat for three days. 12 residents died in the event.

Backup Generators Save Lives

Many industry representatives have had problems meeting deadlines because of high costs, but the state is pushing to make sure this gets done. The important thing to know is that backup generators save lives. We know that hurricanes happen every single year, especially down in the southern part of the United States, so it’s important that nursing homes and assisted living homes get approvals for the mandate to have backup generators.

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