Hackers cauing power outages and blackouts

How Hacking Could Be the New Main Cause for Power Outages

There is a growing threat from hacking since power systems and electrical grids are changing. Global grid investments are now dedicated to the digital network infrastructure, which means the landscape has changed regarding the electrical grid.

Hackers cauing power outages and blackouts

Hackers May Be Aiming for the United States Grid

Hackers known for the cyberattack in 2017 to the Saudi Arabian oil refinery Petro Rabigh are possibly looking into the US power grid now. They are being tracked right now by security analysts and infrastructure security firm Dragos. Apparently, these professional hackers are scanning the grid for entry points, which doesn’t mean it is a huge threat but still a concern.

Knowing these possibilities of foreign hackers looking to disrupt the US grid for different reasons unknown, a backup generator could be your lifeline in an emergency such as a power outage. If hackers around the globe have an entry point, who knows how long a power outage could last?

Ukrainian Attacks 2015 and 2016

There have been cyberattacks including the one in March to the U.S. grid. This attack didn’t cause any outages, but it did cause concern because the attacks on the digital interface were linked to parts of the power grid in California, Utah and Wyoming. This causes concern for the future because if these power grids were linked, then it could be a power outage the next time. Russian hackers caused a power outage in the Ukraine causing hours-long power outages for a quarter-million people.

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