Backup generator outside home

The Backup Generator Boom in California

The wildfires happening in California have been devastating to families and their homes. The wildfires have been a major concern for residents, especially with the warm weather and the wind coming off the ocean. Backup generators weren’t a he necessity to California residents until now when the state utility Pacific Gas & Electric decided it would be conducting rolling blackouts for the next several years.

Backup generator outside home

The Reason for Rolling Blackouts

Rolling blackouts are temporary power outages that are happening in California due to the wildfires and overheating. In California, transformers and other electrical equipment has overheated and some caught fire due to the excessive heat.

A Need for Generators

If residents will be experiencing rolling blackouts now due to precautionary measures, the demand for backup generators will be increased. Backup generators come with great benefits, especially if the rolling blackouts last for some time. Older residents and younger residents with families will need power for their home. If people have babies, they’ll need food and other necessities during a blackout. It’s beneficial for the elderly residents to have a backup generator during these blackouts to prevent injuries in the house.

Even if you’re not in the California area experiencing the wildfires or rolling blackouts, a backup generator can help you tremendously during any storm power outage.

GenTech Generators supplies Cummins Generators to residents in the New Market, Maryland area since 1995. We have the experience and expertise to help you with your new backup generator.

GenTech Generators

At GenTech Generators, we offer fully automatic backup generators for your convenience. We offer generators large enough to back up the entire house, and we also have smaller ones to generate power for select circuits. Don’t wait for the storm to cause an annoying problem for you to deal with. Be proactive now, and you won’t have to worry about extra damage or costs if you don’t have one.

Contact GenTech Generators at 301-364-4226 today to find out more information on our backup generator systems, and how we can help you get the right one you need for your home.

We install residential, commercial, and industrial backup generators around DC, Maryland, & Virginia.

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