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The Future of Backup Generators

The world is constantly changing. With new technology, natural disasters, working from home, pandemics, and everything else, backup generators will be playing more of a role than you ever thought they would. Power outages still occur across the country, which means backup generators have to be ready for people to use. We rely on power in our home to keep our utilities running like electric stove tops, refrigerators, washing machines, furnaces, air conditioning, etc. If your power is out, a backup generator will be your saving grace. 

Flooded street from natural disaster

Natural Disasters

Hurricane season happens every year in the southern United States. Many of these homeowners need to prep their homes for the tropical storms that hit them, which include plenty of tasks to help protect their homes. One task is to make sure their backup generators are all set up in case of lost power. 

Wildfires have ramped up in the past several years in California causing major power outages and blackouts due to heat and other factors. Backup generators are becoming more popular due to these circumstances. Homeowners have no idea how long blackouts and power outages will last, and they don’t want to wait for the grid to be back on. Backup generators allow homeowners to keep their homes running during a power outage.

Working from Home

Since the Coronavirus Pandemic forced countries to lock down their citizens in their homes without going to work, many companies were able to convert into work from home businesses. Working from home requires power at all times. If there is a severe storm during a work day and you lose power, you’re out of luck, unless you have a backup generator to keep your power running. 

GenTech Generators

Here at GenTech Generatorswe supply Cummins generators for your backup generator needs in your home. We encourage homeowners to be prepared for the future changes of climate and technology. Don’t get yourself in a situation where you can’t power your home due to a power outage. Contact GenTech Generators at 301-364-4226 today or visit us online for more information!

The Cloud and the Rain: Keeping Connected When the Power’s Out

Relying on the cloud has become a reality now these days due to the innovation of internet amenities. It’s been highly convenient for people to access their important data, both at home and on the road. Using your computer, laptop, or smartphone, you are able to access data on the go. The cloud has made life simple for working from home as well. It has made data much safer throughout the years, but there is still one downfall. With everything going online, we need to have power at all times.

With that being said, what would happen if the power in your home went out suddenly? You wouldn’t be able to power up any of your devices needed for you to work from home or access any of your data. This could pose serious issues during the workday without any communication to your workforce other than your cellphone.

To avoid any situation where you could lose power due to blackouts or severe weather, you should consider investing in a home backup generator from GenTech Generators. It will keep your home connected to power when a storm occurs allowing you to continue your workday or regular activities in the evening such as cooking and doing laundry. However long you’re disconnected from the grid, a backup generator will keep hooked up to power until you’re back. Whether an outage lasts for an hour, a day, a week or even longer, a backup generator will be able to keep the electricity flowing throughout your home for however long you’re disconnected from the grid. In the modern world, cellular devices allow us to connect without needing wires, but they rely on power to keep them going. Having a backup generator connected to your home to keep everything up and running will allow you to maintain your connectivity so that even in severe storms or long-lasting outages, you can continue to get work done.

If you want to avoid any of the situations listed here – and really, who doesn’t? – you should think about having a backup generator installed. GenTech Generators can give you the right information on backup generators for your home.

Contact GenTech Generators at 301-365-4226 today!

Getting to Know Your Generator: Cummins

Picking out a backup generator for your home requires attention to detail because you never want to invest any money in a backup generator that’s not going to last. You should make sure you’re going with a trusted provider of high-quality backup generators to ensure that the generator you purchase is going to fit your needs and expectations. 

Power outage fix

Here’s what GenTech Generators has to offer: 

Cummins Generators

At GenTech Generatorswe have is a provider of Cummins generators, which have been a trusted backup generator company for many decades. The advantages of having a backup generator will provide you with power in times of need, whether that includes natural disasters, power outages, or even blackouts. 

With Cummins, you’ll get: 

  • Backup Generator with the lowest noise on the market
  • High quality power input
  • Low cost installation
  • Easy repairs 
  • Cummins Support

The power that is produced with a Cummins Generator is the cleanest, highest quality you can get with any generator system that is on the market. The reliability of the generators we offer will give you a sense of peace when severe storms hit, or a blackout occurs. 

The Benefits of Investing in a Backup Generator 

When you realize the stresses of losing power and having to light your house with candles or flashlights, it can get very annoying quickly. Don’t worry about emptying your fridge and throwing your food outside on the patio during the cold months if your power goes out. Many commercial industries are requiring their facilities to have backup generators because of the dangers of losing power. As we continue to develop new technology all over the world, workers are moving to do their jobs remotely, which increases the advantages of a backup generator in their homes. 

If you’re looking to invest in the highest quality backup generator, contact GenTech Generators at 301-364-4226 today! 

Real- Life Benefits of Backup Generators

Every homeowner wants to improve the way their home functions. When power outages occur, they can be very painful to deal with for families and individuals. When we hear real-life experiences of people who are in the business of home ownership and improvements using backup generators, it gives us a sense of peace. 

Family in a Home with a Backup Generator

Co-Host of HGTV Show Experiences Great Benefits

Trust the professionals. John Colaneri is an expert in home improvement, and he knows the benefits of a backup generator for your home in a time of need. Realizing the importance of power in your home and weather patterns in the region you live in can push you in the direction to invest in a backup generator. John Colaneri knows this and will invest because he knows it’s beneficial for him and his family. 

Don’t Settle for Just any Backup Generator

Do your research when it comes to searching for the perfect backup generator. Here at GenTech Generators, we understand the importance of power when your actual home power goes out, whether it’s due to a severe weather occurrence or blackouts. With a Cummins Generator from us, you’ll experience major benefits and less stressful attitude when your power goes out. 

The Benefits: 

  • Lower Noise Level 
  • No Rust or Corrosion
  • High Quality Power Output
  • Lower Cost Installation
  • Easy Repairs, Less Downtime
  • Full Range Operation
  • Product Support from GenTech Professionals

Now is the Time for a Backup Generator

If you were thinking about getting a backup generator, then now is the time to go forward with it. A backup generator can save you from headaches arising when power turns off in your home. You can keep your food cold, appliances on, and your lights on. 

Contact GenTech Generators at 301-364-4226 today to get your backup generator! 

How to Prepare Your Home for a Storm

As we welcome autumn—and soon enough winter—storm preparedness should be of top priority. Be ready for any kind of storm and ensure the safety of your family and property by following these few steps in preparing your home for a storm.

Inspect the outside areas of your property

Disaster PlanTake a walk along the outside of your property and inspect anything that could potentially prove hazardous.

-Are there dead branches or unstable-looking trees near your house?

-Does your roof appear to have any damage or areas where water could seep through?

-Do you have the tools necessary to secure fences or patio furniture to prevent them from blowing away?

Taking note of these areas now means you have time to prepare and call in a professional if need be. If you are nervous about the potential of trees falling on your home, double check if your insurance will cover the damage (most standard homeowner’s policies will).

Prepare for the worst-case scenario

In order to be properly prepared for a dangerous storm, it’s vital that you account for all possibilities. Creating a mini disaster kit for your kids to carry with them and keep at school will give you, and them, peace of mind in the event of a storm.

Then make sure you have portable, backup battery powered chargers for all of your electronic devices to keep them charged in the event of an outage so you can call family members and friends. Also, have a disaster-plan in place with your family where each member takes on a specific role; this will allow you to react quickly if a storm does become dangerous and you need to take action.

Exercise your generator. If you don’t have one—get one.

Leading up to a storm, it’s important for you to exercise your backup generator by manually turning off the power and ensuring your backup power kicks on properly. Generators are quiet, affordable, and can be massively helpful in the event of any sort of emergency.

So, if you don’t own a backup generator, the first step in your storm preparedness plan will be to get one for your property.

If you’re preparing for dangerous weather, we at GenTech Generators offer Cummins power generators, considerably the best generators in the world. Give us a call at 301-469-7800 for more information on preparing for a storm and the benefits of having a backup generator that you can rely on.

The Ins and Outs of Your Generator’s Self-Testing System

One of the most beneficial features on your backup generator is the self-testing feature. Here’s a breakdown of how the test works.

The Ins and Outs of Your Generator’s Self-Testing SystemHow It’s Done

Any problem with your standby generator is diagnosed through an indoor remote monitor during this weekly test. More modern Cummins units have the ability to transmit data to a computer or smart phone. The data transmitted helps determine whether your standby generator is in need of any repair work, so when you call the maintenance team, they are already up to date on your issue. Make sure you are checking this test weekly, as on-going generator maintenance is necessary to ensure your generator is in secure working order during unexpected power outage situations.

What to Expect

Newer generators are relatively quiet while conducting this 10-15 minute test. Expect to hear a low rumble-like noise that is less of a nuisance than in older models. We suggest investing in a generator with a quiet mode so that you are not disrupting the surrounding homes around your neighborhood. Many neighborhoods abide by strict noise codes throughout the daytime and nighttime.

What It Detects

The self-testing feature on a backup generator identifies a host of potential problems, including but not limited to over crank in cold weather if the generator does not include a heat kit, lack of fuel, or faulty fuel feed. These problems are easy to identify over the phone when you call the maintenance team.

More people are relying on backup home generators because of their modern capabilities. If you are interested in learning more about the Cummins backup generator models we use, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Remote Work and Backup Generators

As the world continues to fight the COVID-19 Pandemic and people work from home, we wonder constantly if this will be the new normal. We don’t even have to take a look at the current pandemic situation to realize that working from home is becoming more and more common. We can point to the digital revolution as proof. Many companies around the world are slowly implementing working remotely. 

Remote work with backup generator at home

How Does this Relate to Backup Generators? 

As more workers start working from home, backup generators become a much bigger necessity in one’s home. When we rely so much on the internet and WIFI connection, homes and businesses will need backup generators if there is a power outage. 

Natural Disasters and Seasonal Storms

Natural disasters and seasonal storms happen frequently, which means your power could shut off in your home due to one of these events. If it’s during the day, and you’re working remotely, you won’t have access to power. This could cause major problems depending on the industry your in. Having a backup generator ready to kick on in the worst situation is always a relief. 

The Benefits of Having a Backup Generator for a Power Outage: 

  • You won’t lose connection to your work
  • You can work longer hours if need be 
  • Spend less money on travel because you can work from home
  • Keep refrigerator and other amenities running 

GenTech Generators 

At GenTech Generatorswe know the importance of having a home backup generator. Our backup generators can give you the relief you need in a situation where your power goes out. Don’t worry about losing connection to the internet, having food go bad, having your lights go out, floods in the basement, and not being able to do laundry. 

Now is the time to invest in a backup generator! Contact GenTech Generators at 301-364-4226 today. 

People and Places that MUST Invest in a Backup Generator

People and Places that MUST Invest in a Backup GeneratorThe East Coast is susceptible to hurricanes during the end of the summer and beginning of autumn, and has seen its fair share of winter blizzards and other severe weather fronts in the past few years, as well. Sometimes these storms have caused power outages, sometimes lasting for several days, leaving residents without power – that is, unless they have a backup generator.

The perfect time to purchase a generator is now, before any storms or other issues take out your electricity. Fortunately, GenTech Generators carry quality backup generators that are a must, especially if you’re one of these people or businesses that absolutely can’t be without power.

Work from Home Professional

As we continue to stay at home and stay safe, many plenty of companies nationwide are having their employees work from home and keep their jobs. If you are working from home, you are completely responsible for getting any necessary work done no matter what. A backup generator is essential in a daunting scenario like this. Most places will be shut down during a storm, but if you have one of our Cummins generators, you can stay home and continue to focus on the work.

Parents and Caregivers

Parents of children and infants are always looking to keep their little ones entertained. Some parents even must have a generator to keep formula cold or to run the heat in case the power goes out. Whatever your needs are, a backup generator will provide power to keep tablets and games running to keep your child stimulated and engaged during an outage. A generator will also keep lights and appliances running or allow your furnace to stay powered, meaning you can warm bottles for infants and stay warm – and generally make your life as a parent or caregiver much easier no matter what nature throws your way!

Home Health Care and Care Facilities

Perhaps the most important reason to have a backup generator is to keep vital appliances running that are crucial to those with health conditions or elderly individuals. Power outages can have fatal results for people who rely on medical machines or monitors to stay alive. If there are power outages during this quarantine, healthcare facilities absolutely need to have a backup power system, so they can take care of those who are elderly or sick. Whether you have devices you rely on at home or you operate a long-term care or elder care facility, a backup generator can be a matter of life and death – literally, in some cases.

Don’t end up sitting in the dark, wishing you had installed a backup generator when you had the chance. Learn more and keep connected no matter what with a call to GenTech Generators. Get started and discuss your options with us today by calling 301-466-7800.

Choosing the Right Size Generator for Your Home

It’s inevitable that you’ll lose power in your home at some point during the year. Some causes could be due to blackouts, severe storms, and natural disasters.

A generator can be a real life saver in the event of a power outage. It can keep all of the various appliances in your home running, and allow you to go about your business until the power is restored. If you have a permanent generator installed, things will feel relatively normal inside of your home even when the rest of your neighborhood is without power.

But before you purchase a generator, you should take time to determine which size would work best for your home. Here are several of the most popular sizes that will be available to you.

Small (3,000 to 4,000 watts)

A small portable generator is ideal for running just a few of the appliances in your home, and it’s perfect for short-term power outages. You will be able to run everything from your refrigerator to your microwave to your sump pump when you have a small generator. It won’t do much more than the basics, but if you’re only using it for a short period of time, it will serve its purpose just fine.

Medium (5,000 to 8,500 watts)

While small generators can do the trick for a few hours, a medium-sized generator will be better for longer-term use. In addition to the appliances listed above, a midsize generator can also power a portable heater, your home’s central heating system, a computer and light fixtures.

Large (10,000 to 15,000 watts)

For people who want to keep just about everything in their homes up and running during a power outage, a large generator is the best option. This size generator can power a small water heater, your central air and even a washer and dryer in most cases. With a large 10,000-15,000 watt generator, it will be business as usual when the power goes out.

Are you having trouble deciding which size generator to purchase for your home? Kenzie Generators can provide you with the information you need to decide what generator is right for you. Contact GenTech Generators at 301-469-7800 today to learn more!

Backup Generator During COVID-19

It’s a tough time around the globe right now with the COVID-19 pandemic. People all around the world are staying home in isolation. Families, elderly, and individuals are sharing the responsibility of social distancing to help stop the spread of the virus. For many people, backup generators will play a major role in staying home during this difficult time. 

Anything can happen with your power, and during this pandemic, GenTech Generators wants you to know why it’s beneficial to have a backup generator for your home. 

Family During Isolation

Sudden Power Outages

While peoples’ lives and the economy are on hold right now, nature is still living strong. Natural disasters, severe storms, and other electrical difficulties do not stop for anything. A backup generator will save you and your family from a mess you don’t want to be in. 

It’s important to make sure that the elderly living in their home are equipped with a backup generator. With your grandparents or parents staying in for their health and safety, they shouldn’t have to deal with power outages due to storms and blackouts. 

If you have a family, working from home and taking care of the kids while they’re working on schoolwork can be a daunting task. When the power goes out during the virus, you won’t have to deal with the power being out because you’ll have a Cummins Generator from GenTech Generators to back you up!

The Benefits: 

  • No Spoiled Food
  • Warmth in the Home during Cold Seasons
  • Full Power during an outage, storm, or blackout
  • No stress dealing with a power outage
  • High quality backup generator
  • Low-cost installation
  • Less noise than the competition

During the COVID-19 crisis, it’s important to have power when the power goes out. When businesses like hotels and air bnb’s are closed indefinitely during this time, you’ll have to deal with the power being out. But with a backup generator, you won’t have to worry! 

GenTech Generators 

Here at GenTech Generators, our number one priority is your health and safety. With us, you’ll be happily surprised and rewarded when you acquire a backup generator. Your food will not go bad, you won’t have to sit in the dark, and your home will be warm during the colder seasons. This will benefit everyone in the family. We want everyone to understand that this is a very tough time in the world, and it’s very important for you to practice social distancing to stop the spread of the virus. 

If you’re looking to have a safety net for your family and home, contact GenTech Generators at 301-364-4226 today, and we can install a generator for you. Stay healthy and safe! 

GenTech Generators

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