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backup generators on wheels

Importance of Regular Maintenance for Your Generator System

It’s not enough to only install a reliable backup generator; you need to be sure it’s properly functioning at all times.

Here are a few reasons why regular maintenance and care are essential to ensure your well-oiled system is guaranteed to work when you need it most.

backup generators on wheels

Generator systems battle the weather

Backup generators sit outside year-round in the elements.

The toughest season for generators is winter. Cold weather can cause a battery to weaken or cause an already weak battery to fail.  It’s very important to replace the battery every three years, so that you don’t end up with a weak battery or a failed battery because of the winter conditions.  That way, it’ll not only survive the winter but also ensure that you stay warm all season long.

Backup generators are vulnerable to rodent damage.

Since your generator is outside, it’s also vulnerable to rodents. Your generator can make a cozy home for a family of mice. We have seen firsthand the damage they cause. Chewed wires, even fried circuit boards mean your generator will not come on when you need it. We offer rodent screening to keep these pests from entering through holes and other openings.

Utilize preventative generator maintenance

A reliable backup generator needs regular preventative maintenance. That’s why at GenTech Generators, we provide one free preventative maintenance visits after purchasing a backup generator with us. We offer regular preventative maintenance service after that.


Don’t wait for a problem to arise; our preventative maintenance visits can prevent the problem before it occurs. Let us help you stay safe and warm in the wake of a storm. Give us a call at 301-365-4226 today to learn more about our backup generator systems and our reliable preventative maintenance services.

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