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backup generator for your home

Advantages of a Fully Automatic Backup Generator

Having a fully automatic backup generator has plenty of advantages when it comes to mishaps and power outages in your home. The worries go away when you know that the backup generator kicks on and powers the necessities in your home.

backup generator for your home


Benefits of a Backup Generator


There are many benefits to having a backup generator set from GenTech Generators . We specialize in providing you with an installed and well-maintained backup generator.  We offer expert engineering and technical support for the startup and maintenance. Why are these important to our lives though?


Here is why:


Our Cummins generators are low noise and come with customer support, maintenance service, and 24-hour emergency service.


  • No more spoiled food
  • No frozen pipes
  • No flooded basements
  • No lights out in the house
  • Electronics will all be functioning and running


You won’t have to worry about any of your utilities or electronics being down because you don’t have a backup generator. Installing the backup generator system will ensure that your materials will be on and running smoothly. A bad storm could come in and take the power out, which would ultimately put our lives on pause for a moment. You won’t have to worry about this problem anymore.


GenTech Generators


At GenTech Generators, we offer fully automatic backup generators for your convenience. We offer generators large enough to back up the entire house, and we also have smaller ones to generate power for select circuits. Don’t wait for the storm to cause an annoying problem for you to deal with. Be proactive now, and you won’t have to worry about extra damage or costs if you don’t have one.


Contact GenTech Generators  at 301-365-4226 today to find out more information on our backup generator systems, and how we can help you get the right one you need for your home.

GenTech Generators

GenTech Generators