power outage due to storm

What Causes Power Outages? The Solution

If you’re frustrated about having power outages in your home or neighborhood, there is a solution. Let’s take a look at what causes them, so we can understand how common these events are.

power outage due to storm

The Causes

The Weather – this of course is one of the most common causes for power outages. A heavy storm with lightning, high winds, or ice can cause a power outage in your home or neighborhood. Trees or limbs can fall on electrical lines, which will cause the power to go out.

Equipment malfunction – the electrical system has many parts that make it up. Over time, it can wear down due to age and performance. Heavy storms, lightning strikes, and other factors can cause the system to wear.

Animals – animals looking for warm places to nest up can also cause these power outages. Squirrels, snakes, birds, and other small animals can find their way into the equipment, which then can cause a malfunction if they eat through materials.

The Solution

The causes of power outages can’t really be avoided, so what is the solution? A backup generator system is the perfect solution to combat a power outage in your home. The electrical companies will be working nonstop in neighborhoods to get the power up and running again, but this takes time, especially if there is a major storm. Having a fully automatic backup generator will ensure that your power will stay on. You won’t have to worry about your food going bad, your basement being flooded, or your lights going out.

GenTech Generators

At GenTech Generators, we offer fully automatic backup generators for your convenience. We offer generators large enough to back up the entire house, and we also have smaller ones to generate power for select circuits. Don’t wait for the storm to cause an annoying problem for you to deal with. Be proactive now, and you won’t have to worry about extra damage or costs if you don’t have one.


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We install residential, commercial, and industrial backup generators around DC, Maryland, & Virginia.

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